Welcome to TransWave, a burgeoning resource for important health and lifestyle issues in the transgender community. We’ll address important topics such as HIV Transmission, health care access, gender-based violence (GBV) and other social issues that put the community at risk. The LGBTQI community is under-researched, particularly transgender persons who face even further marginalization. We hope that this site will raise the group’s profile and encourage further research and policy development.

We’ll also have features on transgender history and interview healthcare professionals as well as advocates and allies of the transgender community. In addition, we will share profiles of transgender individuals both regionally and globally. Members of the transgender community will tell their stories and we hope that our readers will be further enlightened about their personal journeys. We believe that such stories are an important factor in developing and maintaining a positive self-image for the community. Knowledge is power.

Commenting Policy: We welcome respectful discussion and reserve the right to moderate or block commenters as we deem fit.

Contact: To share views, feedback or submit contributions to the site, please contact us at transwave876@gmail.com.


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