Changing a Nation Through Advocacy

The Other Gentleman

In my last post I spoke about wanting to see the needs of the transgender community – from sociopolitical issues to health care requirements – addressed here in Jamaica. However transforming Jamaica from a nation which is not appreciative of gender non-conformists, to a society in which trans people feel safe and have access to all the resources they need, is undoubtedly a gargantuan task. Nonetheless, despite it’s monumental stature, I believe that such a task is possible.

Enter “advocacy”. My preferred definition of advocacy is “A set of organized actions aimed at influencing public policies, social attitudes and socio-political process that enable and empower the marginalized to speak for themselves”; and it is through advocacy, through civic engagement, that I believe the changes the LGBT community so desperately wishes to see, will be actualized.

My involvement with advocacy work began only a few years ago. In April of 2013, my father passed away…

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